Zoo animals hit with sex ban

It must be a pretty dull life being a zoo animal, so spare a thought for inmates of a Romanian zoo who will no longer be able to answer the call of the wild after EU legislation banned them from having sex.

Oradea Zoo has been crticised for having facilities that are not up to EU standards, and a ruling has asked zoo management to ensure no new recruits are added to its roster of wild beasts until things improve.

The zoo has said that in order to comply it means animals will have to be kept apart to avoid the inevitable.

A zoo spokesperson said: ‘As soon as we meet the new standards we will apply for the zoo to be reopened and then the animals will be allowed to reproduce again. Until that time there will be no opportunity for them to be together.’

We certainly don’t envy zoo staff as they battle to keep apart these sex-starved copulation-craving creatures.

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