YouTube fun: Bad Back, Good Sex

Getting into the saddle when you've got a bad back can put the kibosh on doing the wild thing well into to the wee hours or even enjoying three seconds of the best. But don't fret, help is at hand from the people over at Illumistream and you don't even have to do something difficult like read.

Just head over to YouTube and watch their video 'Bad Back, Good Sex'. Whoa, easy there tiger! Because according to the good people at Illumistream "your bad back means you can't be a crazy contortionist or a rodeo rider, but you can have smoking hot sex!"

Sadly the video is an instant soft-on but at least it features LOL drawings of "spooning rear entry positions". Other sexy topics sure to help you get a chubby on include, 'The Stages of Sex' (check the hilarious orgasmic grimace at 00.35!) and the classic 'Understanding Gonorrhea'.

Bad Back, Good Sex
The Stages of sex

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