You’re under a breast!

A woman in Florida was caught stealing a pair of shoes by concealing them under her boobs.

Surveillance footage (yes, footage) showed a woman with a male accomplice stealing the from Beall’s Outlet. The man craftily rolled each item before passing them to the woman, who hid the pair of shoes under her breasts, and stuffed the rest of the items in her bag.

The twosome were busted and charged with theft. The man was found with $17.99 worth of goodies on him, and the woman with items that totaled a whopping $159.88. Both can reflect on ending the year on a particularly bad footing.

Hopefully the New Year will bring some conSOLEation for the pair - or at least some more uplifting news for them. Either way, police hope they will soon make a clean breast of things after their brush with the law.

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