Youngest ever couple?

I remember when I was of the tender age of thirteen. I was interested in superheros, comics, generally finding out about puberty through first-hand [terrifying] experience and really not having much sense of responsibility, aside from trying to decide whether I could get away with watching Neighbours & Home and Away after school before my parents got back from work. Eligible parent material, I was not.

The community of Caerphilly in Wales might agree with me on principal, but the recent birth of a local baby who was conceived when his parents were both just thirteen years old, has rocked small-town preconceptions about the average nuclear, 2.4 children family unit, Jezebel tells us.

'The child, Jamie, was born in on November 15, and the teen mom and dad [April Webster and Nathan Fishbourne] are adjusting. April admits there have been some arguments but says, 'We have a few things to sort out.' As you may recall, last year, Alfie Patten was declared the youngest dad in the UK. Later he found out he had not fathered the child in question.'

Only a few arguments reported by the new parents so far? Must be all those teenage hormones kicking in...

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