You touch it – you pay for it!

A new Italian law has ruled that men no longer be able to... ahem… touch themselves in public. This isn’t the Italian constitution finally outlawing open-air masturbation, but any touching of the genital area.

All this comes after a woman filed a lawsuit against a man who was "ostentatiously touching his genitals through his clothing" and she was, we guess, not impressed by his skilful ball play. The man’s lawyers argued against the woman saying it was merely to readjust his overalls. (Yeah, right!) But in the end the man was charged with indecent behaviour and ordered to pay a €200 fine and €1000 costs.

So, if you’ve an itch to scratch, a quick readjustment to make, or you just want to check everything’s still there – wait until you get home! Well, in Italy anyway…

The ultimate dilemma, though, is what to do if you’re “flying low”? Do you quickly zip up and risk being seen touching down there or wait until you’re in a private place, running the risk of letting jack out of the box? Decisions, decisions for Italian men…

(Image: from feinsteinphotos’ flickr stream)

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