You should go, Silvio

Silvio Berlusconi’s longest-standing ally has told the beleaguered PM to stand down if allegations in the latest sex scandal to engulf him are shown to be true.

The Italian premier has been accused of using his influence to secure the release from prison of his 17-year-old belly dancer ‘friend’, accused of theft in May.

The commander of the Milan police station from where the teenager was released has been quoted as saying the police were misled into thinking the 17-year-old girl was related to the Egyptian president. Old dog Silvio has confirmed that he made the phone call, which may leave him open to criminal charges of abusing his authority.

Speaker of the lower house of parliament and long-time ally of the Italian PM, Gianfranco Fini, said that it would be ‘time to stand down’ if he was proved to have intervened in the case.

Berlusconi is something of a dab hand at getting out of tight squeezes. Last year, he was found to have a still-unexplained relationship with an 18-year-old aspiring showgirl and to have hosted parties for bevies of women, including prostitutes, at his residence in Rome.

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