You had sex with what?

Russell Brand yesterday appeared on the Paul O’Grady Show talking about yet another one of his sexual conquests – a vacuum cleaner. The self-confessed sex-addict just couldn’t help but try out the suction power of the hoover, reporting that the more he vacuumed, the dirtier the house got. Weirdo? Maybe not…

Brand certainly isn’t the first to seek out unorthodox sexual partners. A man in Sudan was caught having sex with a goat when the owner heard strange noises coming from outside his house (tell a goat to keep a lid on it and they just won’t, will they!). The man was then ordered by the community to marry the goat and pay a bridal dowry to the owner. We’re not kidding, and nor was the goat.

Stranger still, Scotsman Robert Stewart, 51, was given three years on probation after being caught in a lewd act with a bicycle in June last year. He told the court it was a misunderstanding after he had had too much to drink. (So why the leopard-skin bicycle clips and peek-a-boo rain cape, eh, Robert?) At least he wasn’t made to marry it. Having the town bike as a wife etc.

Here's the man in action live. At a gig. Not...well...y'know...

(Image: from Natalie Johnson's flickr stream)

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