You could have someone’s eye out with that!

It’s probably the most bizarre act of violence since that Columbo episode in which the murder weapon was a frozen fish.

A woman from US has been charged with the heinous crime of aggravated assault after it was claimed she attacked a police officer using nothing other than a sex toy.

Carolee Bildsten, 56, of Gurnee, Illinois, allegedly assaulted the officer with what local police commander Jay Patrick called ‘a rigid feminine pleasure device’.

Police were called in when Ms Bildsten allegedly ran out of a local restaurant without paying the bill, according to reports in the TribLocal.

The assault in question is said to have happened after a police officer went to her home to quiz her about the complaint from Joe's Crab Shack.

Ms Bildsten was arrested and then taken into custody. As well as the aggravated assault charge, she was also charged with theft.

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