Yes, Yes, Yes we can! (When Sally met Obama)

Ladies, you may not like his policies, you may think he hasn't delivered on all his pre-election promises, you may even think that his winning smile and smooth charisma wouldn't charm the pants off a Hollywood adult movie-star but we feel that you might think that the new and improved, vibrating model of the current US president is actually a bit of a hit.

Stimulating at speeds that range from 'conservative' (or slow) to 'extreme liberal' (or 'calling a sickie tomorrow to spend more time in bed'), the latest must-have Obama memorabilia item is a small vibrator that aims to send women into paroxyms of pleasure rather than force them to think about how healthcare is provided for, in the good ol' US of A, Jezebel reports.

'Obamarators are so popular that it is already too late to receive one in time for the holidays', the site explains; [however,] there are a host of Obamarator t-shirts, stickers, postcards and condoms to tide you over while you wait.'

Why no-one has thought of producing a special brand of 'President Clinton cigars' for those late nights at the office, we'll never know.

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