X-rated Barbie makes lesbian calendar

Manufacturers of the world famous Barbie doll are poised to sue a group of artists who have produced a naked calendar of the doll, showing her in all manner of rude poses – including some lesbian ones.

It’s creators, Breno Costa and Guilherme Souza, from Buenos Aires, claim they had permission to make the calendar from toy-makers Matchbox, a company owned by Matell, owners of Barbie.

While some shots go for classic nudity, others show Barbie posing with a mystery female doll. The point of it all, claim the cheeky artists, is to cleverly show how sex is used to sell everything in society – and presumably calendars in particular.

But Matell are having none of their fancy explanations. The toy giant’s European spokesperson, Dr Stephanie Wegener, said: ‘We have nothing to do with these pictures.

‘We don't want Barbie portrayed in this way, especially with our logo. We will be taking legal action against the creators.’

Now what would Ken say if he could talk? Answers on a postcard please.

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