X-factor’s Wagner labelled ‘sex pest’

Women X Factor contestants have reportedly labelled the Brazilian singer Wagner Carrilho a ‘sex pest’, after a series of incidents that caused the show’s welfare officer to warn Wagner about his ‘touchy feely’ conduct.

A source of a source said: ‘He makes the girls uncomfortable. He's touchy-feely and likes kissing and cuddling. He's turned into a bit of a sex pest. In the house the girls dread him coming in. If he sits at the table and one of the girls is there they make their excuses and leave so they don't have to be near him.

‘If he's sitting next to a girl on a sofa he will think nothing of grabbing their legs and grabbing their face or trying to kiss them. He says to them, 'You're beautiful, you're gorgeous, you're sexy' and pretends it's all fun, but when he's gone all the girls talk about how much they hate it.’

A spokesperson for the programme attempted to pour cold water on the matter: ‘We have a duty of care to all our contestants and staff which we take very seriously. Wagner was spoken to and this matter has now been resolved.’

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