Wrap it up, say JLS

Implausibly pop chart-toppers JLS are literally never out of the papers these days; partly this has something to do with the young girls of today finding them dishy, or whatever the latest slang is. Oh for the days when you could sneer at the likes of Boyzone and 911, safe in the knowledge that any insults wouldn’t be laughed at by the young ‘uns for being so out of date you’re practically dead just for saying them...

Sorry, where were we? Ah yes, JLS. The kids love them, and young pert women apparently want to make the love with them. So it’s just as well that the group might be making a deal with Durex to have their own-branded condoms, spreading the message of safe sex among hormone-riddled adolescents and making them pots of lovely money. Everyone’s a winner!

‘It's all about staying safe,’ claimed Aston, who is one of them. ‘We all think so. My mum sends me down a stash (of condoms, let’s make that clear) and I dish them out to the lads so none of us have to worry. I'd really be up for doing some kind of campaign about safe sex.’

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