Britain's Got Inappropriate

Everyone has a party trick, it's a well known fact. We're rarely at parties though when the conversation dries up and you're left scrounging for some tidbit of information, juicy gossip or sensational news that will get the room blazing with avid ruminating and due kudos for you. However, we'd rather leave the party than reveal that we can touch the tip of our noses with our tongue. That kind of overt display of sexual, cunnilingual ability can only put off your fellow party guests!

What might also cool the ardour of your fellow revellers would be having a sixty-five year old grandma bust some exceptionally suggestive moves in the middle of your host's lounge. But that's just what 'Lorraine' (first name only) has been doing on 'Britain's Got Talent', the show that reminds you that everyone has some form of exhibitionism buried deep within them. The Daily Mail has more:

'The 65-year-old grandmother, known only as Lorraine, stunned judges David Hasselhoff, Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre with her provocative dance moves and then acted amazed when she was told she was unlikely to be a hit with her routine.'

'Taking to the stage to perform for the panel, Lorraine told the audience: 'I'm a wild woman. I'm the Dancing Queen. I'm 65 and I wear all the young men out. When I'm dancing I'm on another planet. It's all about the hip action. I've got the energy of three people.''

The energy of three people she may have, but shocked television-viewers up and down the country are probably wishing she used that energy to help raise her grandchildren, take up knitting or otherwise channel that fervour into PG-rated activities.

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