Status update fail

A peer-to-peer networking internet site can be both the best place and the worst to ruminate over your feelings of the opposite sex, whether tainted by past failed relationships or considering the possibility (however remote) of actually finding that illusive soul-mate. And yet, our trigger finger hangs only too briefly over the mouse button once we have vented in our status updates.

For one former Conservative Party County Council candidate in the Kent regional elections, a little pause would have gone a long way and not dashed his hopes of election on the rocks of publishing a rather poorly-formed opinion. As the BBC warns, Payam Tamiz, 21, might have reconsidered labelling Margate women as 'sluts' and not the right kind of women to settle down with.

'The University of Westminster law graduate also said women in the area were 'completely shameless'. He said he now wanted to move on and put his 'poor judgement' behind him.'

'He added: 'I understand my Facebook remarks were inappropriate and unacceptable and I unreservedly apologise for the offence I have caused.'

In response, political party members of every affiliation came out of the wood-work to criticise Tamiz's actions, although, suprisingly many refrained from using Twitter.

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