Worst nude scenes compiled for posterity

We checked out the Barbican’s season Seduced: sex and censorship in the cinema at the weekend, and without mentioning any films in particular (we’re looking at you, Gerard Depardieu) it seems to be fate that Empire magazine has just announced its list of the Top 10 Worst Nude Scenes Ever. The list’s compiler Luke Goodsell said that to qualify for inclusion “either the scene should be deliberately and fantastically repugnant or, as in most of the cases, draw unintentional laughter on account of the sheer misplaced vanity of the participants.”

A deserving winner was Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian’s hotel wrestling match in Borat, which nobody who saw it will ever forget. Honourable mentions went to Demi Moore in Striptease and Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct, but we were shocked to see no mention of Jeremy Irons’ bizarre thrashing about in Damage. A criminal oversight, we’re sure you’ll agree.

(Image: from slushpup's Flickr stream)

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