World's fattest man has world's fattest wedding

Anyone desperately seeking someone to love will no doubt be encouraged by the news that the world’s fattest man has got married to a mature 6/10.

He’s 56 stone and probably hasn’t seen his cock for decades, she’s not bad for her age and evidently likes them big. It’s a match worthy of a Guardian soulmates ad and anyone asking themselves ‘what the hell she is doing?’ should stop being so cynical. Maybe having a bed-ridden hubby with an invisible dong is the key to true romance after all?

BBC News showed the groom dressed in a white silk shirt being driven to the ceremony, in an enormous bed (the same one he hasn’t left for years), on the back of a truck. Despite the diet he’s been on since meeting his long term girlfriend, the world's fattest man is still unable to do much more than sit in a heap. The ceremony was conducted in the bed and the couple held hands and swayed for their first dance.

The 5-tier wedding cake looked nervous throughout.

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