World’s biggest man boobs

If you’re a man anywhere on the wrong side of 30 then you’ll know exactly the problems that come with man boobs AKA moobs. No matter how many times you almost kill/bore yourself on that cross trainer they’re not shifting. Well next time you’re crying at yourself in the mirror spare a little thought for Guo Feng – who has the world’s biggest man boobs.

Talking about his massive condition, Mr Guo Feng, who’s 54 years old and from China said: ‘About 10 years ago my chest started to get larger but I didn't think much of it as I was putting on weight all over - but in the last few years it's become unbearable and I have been from one hospital to the other with nobody able to help me.

He addded: ‘I have spent all my money on examinations and tests and am still no nearer a solution - in fact my breasts are now bigger than ever. I sometimes think the doctors don't want to help me with this because they find me a medical curiosity.’

Before you ask what poor old Mr Feng does for a living, he’s a dairy farmer. Naturally.

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