World Cup divorcees

Silly season is upon us once again, as men up and down the country swap socialising, food shopping and even sex for the glory of watching their team make its way into the finals of the World Cup. But forget about World Cup Widows': one couple have taken temporary seperation to the next level by 'divorcing' each other for the entire tournament.

Meet Rob Holland, 35, a footie-mad mechanic from Southampton and his heavily pregnant missus, Hayley, 23. With Rob's mates hanging around in their cosy pad to watch football each and every day, Hayley soon came to hate the constant smells of body odour, cigarettes and left-over takeaways. With sex something to consider at half-time (possibly), Rob admits that the vision of his naked wife might tempt him away from a penalty shoot-out, though he'd 'only take [his] eyes off the screen for a second', before asking her to bring him a beer. And they say romance is dead.

Now that the couple have agreed a temporary seperation, both sides couldn't be happier, with Hayley spending time at her mum's house splashing the cash on bubbly and girlie nights in. Should their baby decide to arrive early in August, Rob is happy to bring along a portable TV to the hospital, and be updated by a text messaging service. It will be, he says, the happiest day of his life, he tells the Mirror, suggesting that if England win too, 'it'll be an excuse for a party.' What a start in life for little baby Fifa!

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