Women sexier and looking their best at 30

If a number of birthday cards landed on your doormat this morning, celebrating the fact that you have reached your 30th birthday, stress not: survey results conducted by shopping channel QVC reveal that men and women believe that women in their thirties are at their prime, the Metro online reports.

With stars such as Alesha Dixon and Kelly Brook able to pull off amazing couture and flawless complexions event after event, it's little wonder that the bar has been set higher when it comes to growing into your looks. Attitude is everything: out of the 2000 men and women polled for the survey, two thirds of the women interviewed agreed that with age comes security and confidence in the way that you look.

The results also demonstrated that by region, 'London women were most confident about their looks, with 37 per cent describing themselves as beautiful compared with just 28 per cent of Welsh women.' Must be the competition with the capital's finest that keeps 'it' girls on their toes!

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