Women are stuck in a rut

Research has revealed that many women feel woefully unhappy with their lot, with a limited social life and lack of adventure in the bedroom the chief causes.

The report targeted 4,00 women aged 18 to 65 and asked them how happy they were with different aspects of their life, with a third claiming they felt more 'ordinary' than they did five years ago.

A fifth of women polled said they were bored of their sex lives, while 48 percent said they would be happier with life if they had better clothes to wear. One in ten women felt they could do with showing their current partner the door and opting for a change.

It’s a sorry state of affairs, but luckily behavioural expert Judi James is at hand. Take it away Judi:

'Making small but regular changes like breaking bland habits, consciously adjusting body language to be more upbeat, and using mood-enhancing colours in both dress and decor can be an easy and instant way to reboot positivity and happiness levels.'

And perhaps a subtle way to spice up the old sex life as well.

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