'Back bust' back-up

The nineties was all about the bust. Pamela Anderson from Baywatch showed how much attention having platinum locks and two large flotation devices on the front of her chest could get you. Along came Anna Nicole-Smith and suddenly big boobs were everywhere and men rejoiced. Silicon implants meant insta-sex appeal.

But the noughties and beyond brought in a new wave of latina and mexican influence and the ascension of the butt began. Girls were paying hand over fist to have junk in their trunk by any means possible, to imitate the bootylicious Beyoncé or curvaceous Jennifer Lopez. Now plastic surgery need not be the answer with the arrival of the 'Biniki' or backside bikini, that'll give girls across the land a posterier worthy of the admirations of thousands of drooling guys, My Pleasure reveals.

'Today the Biniki, as [Karin] Hart dubbed her invention, has evolved a bit with adjustable straps taking over the role of the tape but the basic premise is the same: smoother thighs, a boost for the smaller-bootied among us, and a higher, perkier heinie without a ton of tourniquet-like material around your midsection and without the cost of a butt augmentation which according to CosmeticSugery.com can range from $8,000 to $18,000.'

We're hoping it comes with a large amount of elastic built in for those strenuous exercise routines such as jogging, using the cross-trainer or simply for shaking that ass on the dance-floor.

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