Woman has sex with Berlin Wall..then marries it

One of the great things about the web is that people no longer have to feel alone in their sexual fantasies. For every foot fetish, obesity fetish, or even animal fetish there's an online group offering practical advice and handy tips for niche backscuttling. And as luck would have it the same goes for people who enjoy climaxing all over large inanimate objects.

Objectum-sexuality' (the practice of falling in love both physically and mentally with inanimate objects) has been made famous by way of Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, a woman who 'married' the Berlin Wall in 1979.

Berlin-Mauer (German for Berlin Wall), fantasied about her hubby's immense structure, striking form and handsome barbed wire mop long before finally tying the knot - having spent her childhood lusting over photos and TV images of the giant wall. "I find long, slim things with horizontal lines very sexy" she explains.

Mauer is a self professed 'Animist' who believes "inanimate objects are sentient beings, i.e. they have intelligence, feelings, and are able to communicate" (if only via thought transference). She confesses to having given the wall the ride of it's life on several occasions before it's 'death' - when it was torn down in 1989.

But Berlin Mauer is keen to point out this is not the same thing as simply shining the pork bishop - because during animist sex, the feeling is reciprocated. To be objectúm-sexual and have sex with an object, is NOT the same thing as masturbation, because in masturbation one doesn't see the object as LIVING, one does often dream about a person or something. In objectúm-sexuality one has sex with the object because one loves the object itself" she says.

Best sexploit yet.

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