Mistaken masseur identity

It's a bizarre case of backwards sexual discrimination, and the first of its kind to have been reported by the Sexploits team: a woman has actually issued a complaint against a masseur in Jersey City after she assumed that his breast and buttock massage wasn't inappropriate - something which massage therapist associations disagree on - as he was gay. Which he wasn't.

In the first case of its kind where someone is discriminated against because they were actually thought to be homosexual, the wronged female client assumed that thirty year old therapist was gay, purely, it turns out, because her gaydar wasn't really working well that day, we learn from Nerve.

'It happened last Tuesday at Jersey City's Club H Fitness, when the massage therapist, according to reports, asked the woman if she wanted her 'glutes and breasts' massaged, indicating it was a standard practice, in the words of the alleged victim. The woman later filed charges after learning that the therapist had a girlfriend and the club manager informed her that the man's actions were improper. The suspect was arrested on Tuesday, appeared in court on Wednesday, and was released on his own recognizance, as he awaits notification of his next court date.'

So, basically, the service that you request as a paying customer, and ultimately the experience you receive, could depend on the sexuality of the person giving you that service. Something tells us this clearly has to do with whether or not the massage was enjoyed in a (ahem) sexual way when it was (ahem) administered.

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