Winona miffed by gay outcry

Hollywood star Winona Ryder is baffled at all the fuss being made over a ‘gay joke’ in her new film.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) organisation has demanded that a scene is chopped from forthcoming film The Dilemma after a preview clip showed a character tell a room full of people, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, electric cars… are gay.’

Winona was gobsmacked at the perceived hoohar, insisting that she would never ‘be part’of a film she deemed ‘offensive’.

Director Ron Howard opted to keep the scene in the film and not bow to the group’s pressure, which the miffed Winona thinks was the right decision. In an interview with Total Film magazine, she said:

’It’s just crazy because I’m very sensitive to that issue and if I thought something was offensive I wouldn’t want to be part of it.

’Plus all my gay friends use that word all the time so [protesters will] have to go and give them a hard time(sic)too.’

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