‘Win a wife’ competition

There’s so much wrong with this we’re not even going to start. A New Zealand radio station Rock FM has a new idea for a competition. Male listeners will get the chance to ‘win a wife’, reports Metro.

The winner of contest will be flown to the Ukraine for 12 nights to pick their anticipant other half from a bridal agency.

‘It's actually going to happen. And oh boy are there going to be some people with their pantes in a twist over this one,’ cooed the station's website.

‘The Rock is giving away a wife! But we're not going to give this opportunity to just anybody... to weed out the no-hopers and time-wasters, we've developed the application form below.

Deflecting criticism of the station, The Rock FM program director, Brad King, used that time honoured defence, saying the competition was ‘a bit of a laugh’.

‘At the end of the day, it's up to both people if they decide to get married and return to New Zealand. We're not actually marrying anyone or bringing women back to New Zealand,’ he said.

But activist Sue Bradford holds another view. She said the competition took ‘commercial radio to new depths.’

‘It is unusual and somewhat disturbing that a commercial entity would commercialise what should be one of the most meaningful human relationships and actually offer it as a prize for a radio show,’ she said.

We think there may be something in what she’s saying.

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