Why gentlemen prefer blondes

From Marilyn to Mae West, Pixie Lott to Gwyneth Paltrow, men have always been besotted with blonde bombshells, whose sexy showstopper performances have kept movie-goers and music lovers coming back for more. However, scientists believe they have now discovered why prehistoric man, and modern-day males, may be more attracted to women with a blonde barnet more than brunette babes.

According to one theory, prehistoric man would have considered ladies with golden locks to be more youthful and fertile than their brunette counterparts as women are less able to retain blonde hair with age, making it easy for Caveman Joe to guess the age of his mate. Brunettes however, can retain their hair colour for longer, making it hard to guess their age and thus their fertility, the guardian online website tells us. Well, they say you should never ask a lady her age.

Other theories suggest that blonde women naturally produce higher levels of oestrogen (female hormone) than brown-haired women, leading to them having 'finer facial features, smaller nose, smaller jaw, pointed chin, narrow shoulders, smooth skin and less body hair' - just in case you were worried you were shacking up with an early descendant of King Kong! Other factors considered are blonde haired, blue eyed men being able to tell if their kid is really their own offspring (due to recessive genes) and a form of natural selection amongst women that evolved in certain tribes around the world. But how did blondes become dizzy, we ask?

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