Why do we aaaaaaaaaah!

Despite scientific research advancing at light speed, it seems there is one everyday thing (well for some at least) that remains a complete mystery. The orgasm.

It’s not quite science geeks, not knowing what an orgasm is – we’re sure even the most bashful of boffins has been in the throes of passion once upon a time– even if it was by themselves. The question is: why does it feel so good? Julia Heiman, director of the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research and co-author of Becoming Orgasmic says: "Really and truly, people don't know." Well, thanks for the update Jules…

We have come to understand what happens physically through monitoring exactly what happens. They’ve even put women into the less than comfortable conditions of an MRI scanner and asked them to get themselves going to find out. But still the explosive events which happen after the stimulation is still a mystery. Why are the parts of the brain related to pain triggered, why do we feel a sense of attachment after and why is it easier for women to achieve multiple orgasms? (Baffled looks all round the lab…)

Well, it looks like we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. Or perhaps it will remain one of life’s great mysteries – like why does toast nearly always fall buttered side down…

(Image: from veronicaromm’s Flickr stream)

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