Who blabbed about the crabs?

Some ancient philosopher or thinker once said that a reputation takes a life-time to build but only a moment to destroy. We're not trying to feed you bite-sized philosophy on a Monday morning but in our current day and age, this maxim becomes even more relevant, especially when one Twitter can topple your good name.

For one Broadway star, and actor in such hits as 'Xanadu' and 'Wicked', it was exactly this social networking site that started to cause him problems when an anonymous user twittered that he had contracted crabs, suggesting his sexual antics were less than wholesome, DNA Info reveals.

'Which Avenue Q cast member gave Marty Thomas crabs?' the unidentified user reportedly tweeted. The feed has since been shut down [...]'I do not suffer from, nor have I ever suffered from a sexually transmitted disease,' Thomas said in court documents, according to the News.

Thomas now wants the networking site to name and shame the user, so that his reputation can be saved. We're placing bets on the tweeter being a disgruntled clinic admin officer.

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