Who ate all the pies?

A baker has revealed that a batch of his pies containing Viagra was stolen on the way to a pie-eating contest.

The pies were taken whilst en route to the World Pie Eating Championships in Wigan, reports Metro.

In a case of hard luck, baker Vince Bowen said all the pies were laced with the pharmaceutical sex aid, which he used as a preservative to keep the potatoes firm.

Bar-owner and event organiser, Tony Callaghan, told locals to look-out for a group of ‘hardened criminals’.

Mr Callaghan said: ‘It's a right cock-up. It's going to be very hard to sort this one out.’

It takes a special pie to triumph at the world famous pie-eating championships, making special ingredients a must. But we’d be hard pushed to recommend putting Viagra in your steak and kidney pud.

Whoever the perpetrators of this heinous crime, it’s likely they’ve already had their stiff punishment.

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