Where to get laid tonight?

Bearing in mind that the British have a seemingly unwarranted reputation across Europe for being tight-lipped, ham-fisted lovers with little sense of what it takes to get the home fires burning, a recent survey by women's magazine Cosmopolitan has revealed that fuddy-duddy Brits do like to mix it up outside the bedroom.

Taking a poll of the most popular locations outside of a couple's bed, the survey found that 82% of couples like to get clean before getting dirty by taking to the shower, the Metro Online reveals.

Coming in at a close second, 80% liked to get some nookie in a car, with other locations including 'in a pool or water (54%), in a forest (49%), on the kitchen table (48%), at a park (42%), and in a tent (37%).'

Worryingly enough, '34 per cent of couples got down and dirty in their parent’s bedroom, while just over a quarter had a quickie on the washing machine.'

We may not have l'amour down pat, but we do know how to use our kitchen and household appliances.

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