Where have all the British bad boys gone?

With celebrities such as Russell Grant now hanging up his lucky underwear, the future of the British 'lad about town' chatting up and sleeping with all the birds he can find, may be a thing of the past. A recent survey from Pfizer, the company that brought us viagra, has revealed that only one in five studs have only ever had one lover and 53% have had no more than five, the News of the World reports.

The reason for the low levels of cheating behaviour is apparently connected to what men think about their performance, the survey goes on to report. Of the lads polled for the survey, '20 per cent are so anxious they want the lights OFF when they make love', probably because they've been one of the '65 per cent of [the] blokes [that] have performance problems at some point.'

Women, it seems however, are enjoying taking on more lovers in this day and age as their sexual confidence and prowess soars. Alas, the day is dawning when men may become completely monogamous and women decide to follow Katie Price's example...

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