Where did they keep their Oyster cards?

If you were travelling on the London Underground yesterday and you saw four people with no clothes on apart from an Oyster card each, don't panic, your eyes were not playing cruel tricks on you; there were four naked people on the tube. No, actually, do panic.

The Naked Office is a brand new TV series on digital channel Virgin that sees if workplaces improve productivity and staff morale if their staff are naked (yes, that’s why it’s not a prime telly channel). So to help plug the 6 part series, two men and two women jumped on the tube in the midst of the morning rush hour.

Psychologist Steven Suphi backed up the experiment: ‘for most people in the UK going to work in the nude is a very daunting prospect. I believe this extreme process will help them push their boundaries and become a close team that trust each other enough to get naked together.’

It sounds like a load of cock and bull to us.

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