Where are all the sexy community sites?

The proliferation of community sites (thanks to Web 2.0) is leaving those erstwhile pioneers of the “Interweb” – the porn industry – well behind. While content used to be king, now the community is kingdom. Or so Regina Lynn tells us in an opinion piece on Wired.com.

Well, well. We’re not really sure what that means. Even when we reread Regina’s article, we still weren’t sure. In the process, though, we did discover a saucy community site called Retrotica Girls.

This site if for all those with a soft spot for the glitz, glamour and downright sexiness of pin-up girls from yesteryear. Lots of tasteful adult material of the stockings-and-suspenders, lusciously-full-lipped, Forces-sweetheart variety. And a community of like-minded people to boot.

Eyes front soldier!

(Image: from tangi bertin’s Flickr stream) 

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