When Superman met Porn....man

The epitome of American 50's working-class masculinity, Superman could bend bridges, zap enemies with his laser eyesight, save the damsel in distress and still make it in to work as Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. It seems, however, that the actor who played the superhero in the cult films of the 70's and 80's was also leading a double life by sleeping with a gay porn star.

Cal Culver, who has starred in adult industry films under the pseudonym Casey Donovan, has just released an autobiography called 'Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again', in which he claims that he and Reeve enjoyed an active sexual relationship in the seventies, the PinkNews reports.

Despite Christopher Reeve going on to marry twice, with his last relationship to Dana Reeve lasting 12 years, Culver claims to have 'liberated him sexually' when the pair met whilst auditioning for the same Broadway role. The relationship ended after two months when Reeve discovered that Calver worked in the porn industry. Maybe Reeve was tempted to join him, after spending so much time in tight lycra with his pants on view...

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