What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Don’t you feel sorry for film stars sometimes? Wouldn’t you just hate to have to act as if you were, er…getting it on with Joaquin Phoenix, or having romantic, passionate sex with Kiera Knightly? OK, we know it’s only pretending. But while you may think that filming sex scenes with buff co-stars sounds pretty good, that’s not how some of the participants see it.

Gorgeous Eva Mendes has been talking about how “nerve-wracking” and “scary” it was to film steamy sex scenes with Joaquin on the set of We Own The Night while Atonement star James McAvoy told Parkinson about how “sweaty” and “uncomfortable” it was to get up close and personal with Kiera. Sounds awful, we must say. In fact, it’s enough to make you feel glad to be hard at work in the office. Well? Isn’t it?

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