What’s in the box?

What’s the last thing you want to see in an airport? That’s right – a vibrating package. A caretaker in Sweden’s Gothenburg airport, last week got quite a scare when he found a strange pulsating box. He immediately informed airport staff and the bomb squad were dispatched. Pandemonium broke out as staff evacuated passengers from the airport. 

The bomb squad quickly arrived, by which time the box had stopped shaking, so tentatively they opened it. But what did they find? Not a ticking death-mechanism, but a vibrator. It seems, someone (the person wasn’t named) decided to bring their favourite toy on holiday with them but, erm, forgot to turn it off. 

We don’t know what’s worse. The fact that by the time the bomb squad got there, the vibrator had run out of batteries, or the poor woman, who now doesn’t have a vibrator. It’s like leaving the car lights on all night and waking up to a flat battery – but worse! Her holiday is going to be a lot less fun. Bummer…

(Image: from tttallis’ flickr stream)

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