What's in a name...?

That famous bard of Stratford-upon-Avon mused upon the significance of names back in the 16th Century, considering a rose by any other name to smell just as sweet. But what did he know? Well, how to get down and dirty with guys and gals and write incredible plays but those are other stories...

A recent survey by a French online dating company called Smartdate reveals that girls who have names ending with an 'a', such as Erika, or Clara, are more likely to have lots and lots of male partners, as compared to their counterparts, such as ladies with a name ending in 'e', such as Claire and Stephanie, Jezebel discloses.

'Lauras top the list with an average of 9.5 [male partners in a lifetime], while chaste Thérèses average just 1.1.'

As fascinating and thorough though this survey seems to be, we're wondering whether this issue has more to do with girls with an 'a' at the end of their name just being a little more open-minded (ahem) than other girls. Why that might be, we just don't know.

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