What not to wear...to work

Hopefully, when your parents prepared you to join the outside world, they gave you such life skills as dressing yourself, grooming yourself and being able to wear underwear that wouldn't cause outrage or provoke your boss into firing you. However, one Zurich-based bank decided it couldn't take the chance that its employees might be inappropriately dressed and so decided to create a clothing advice guide.

UBS, which like most banks was hit pretty hard with the recession, the Metro Online tells us, might chalk up its efforts to address bad staff dress as a means of protecting its client-base from hideous shirts, revealing underwear and smelly food...?! Really?

'Men’s underwear ‘should be of good quality and easily washable, but still remain undetectable,’ whatever that means. Women are advised to wear flesh-coloured underwear and stockings, and are warned against too-tight underwear and shoes.'

Heaven forbid your client should see your underwear through your clothes: I would think your colleagues have more chance of seeing your undercrackers after one too many at the office party than a shareholder or leading investor.

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