What a Teese

If you've ever wondered what bathtime for burlesque queen Dita Von Teese is like, here's the answer: she takes her clothes off - very seductively, she bends over the tub - very seductively, she climbs into the tub - very seductively, she sits on the edge and trickles water over herself - very seductively, then she has a rest. Much like a standard bathtime in your average UK house then, only with the addition of nipple tassles and a baying crowd.

Dita shot the scene at The Crazy Horse in Paris - that den of iniquity where female celebs get the chance to flash their wares in the name of performance art. The scene, titled Le Bain Noir (The Black Bath) is included in Dita's forthcoming DVD, Dita Von Teese at Crazy Horse, out February 8th.

No more description of this eyewatering Dita feast is necessary. Shower caps on peeps. Check it out.

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