We’re cybersex addicts!

Over ten per cent of adults have had sex with someone they met on Facebook, a new poll shows.

Half have tried ‘sexting ,’ like Vernon Kay and Tiger Woods - sending illicit photos or messages to someone who’s not their partner.

While thirty-five per cent have included filthy photos of themselves, like Ashley Cole, the Chelsea player whose incessant dirty text messages to women eventually destroyed his marriage to celebrity favourite Cheryl Cole.

The survey of 2,000 Britons was carried out for new TV show Sex Rehab, on air tonight on UKTV channel Really.

The Big Sex survey found that one in five Britons have made their own naughty video, while on average Britons have had sex 6,552 times during their lives, with the average session lasting 20 minutes.

The programme probably has some statistical genius on board to be able to work out that last one.

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