Y XXX.com?

We could be adult about this. That's what the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in California is proposing in attempts to calm the area's porn-industry protests at the organisation introducing a specific xxx.com domain name for adult-industry sites. With their ad slogan 'Let's be adult about this', created by ad agency M&C Saatchi, they're hoping to convince porn companies across the state to accept the new suffix.

But adult enterprises aren't playing balls. Alongside Christian groups (!!), they believe that labelling sites with the sex-specific name will make it easier for their sites to be censored and blocked, The Register reveals. Coming together as the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), protestors are criticising ICANN for ignoring them whilst the proposed registry company, ICM Registry is set to make a fortune out of new registrations to the name.

'ICM has been campaigning for the right to run .xxx for about a decade. Its current application has been moving through ICANN for the last seven years. Millions of dollars have been spent, mainly by ICM's president, British multimillionaire businessman Stuart Lawley […] The last such mechanism is a consultation with its Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), which is due to take place at the ICANN meeting next week.

A rally is being organised for the 17th March: we're expecting porn-stars to (mud) wrestle with legal executives in suits. Which, in itself, could be filmed and marketed and create a lot of money for the FSC perhaps?

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