13th February: Mistress Day

Human nature being what it is, it isn't long before a niche in the market is filled and someone thinks of an idea that can be marketed as a website, and then hopefully sold for millions in the future (a la Facebook, perhaps). It doesn't matter what that money-making niche is that needs to be filled: demand always creates supply.

Which leads us to the unofficial creation of 'Mistress Day' on February 13th, where cheating men the world over treat their bit on the sides to meals, presents and some late-night action in a bid to keep them sweet and make sure they continue to have two women in their lives. Enter: Sugarsugar.com, a website that helps these men manage the hectic lifestyle that comes with adultery, The Smoking Jacket reveals.

'[...] All those dates and secret meet-ups can really suck up a lot of hours. That’s why the Sugar Daddy Concierge service handles everything for you. All you have to do is e-mail your budget and gift ideas to your personal concierge and he or she will take care of the rest. And, if you’re an older guy who has no clue what to get your 22-year-old paramour, don’t sweat it. The Sugar Daddy Concierge knows what the kids are into these days and will be happy to pick out something for your second best girl.'

And they say romance isn't dead!

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