With parents like these...

...who needs educators in the art of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll? Certainly not one Bobbi Kristina, daughter of warbler and coke-inhaler Whitney Houston and nineties singer Bobbi Brown. She's following her own (possibly tragic) trajectory towards becoming a star by having created her own sextape. The only problem is, that sextape could get someone arrested as it features Bobbi getting it on when she wasn't yet 18, Mediatakeout tells us.

Houston and Brown both have reputations for excessive behaviour in the nineties that lead to many break-ups and reunions, plagued by accusations of cheating on the part of Bobbi and an addiction to drugs on Houston's part. Now, as Bobbi Kristina attempts to perform a 'Kardashian' (or insta-fame process), we hope she doesn't start to take after her parents.

'Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com was approached by a gentleman who tried to sell us a sextape starring Bobbi Kristina and an ex BFs (a Caucasian gentleman). The tape was described to us as 'freaky' and 'explicit.' Unfortunately the sellers didn't realize that it is ILLEGAL to sell, or post explicit material of a child under 18. They MISTAKENLY believed that since Bobbi Kris turned 18 over the weekend the tape would be for sale.

A sextape before you're old enough to have sex...not the smartest of moves but then if it paid to be smart as a celebrity in America, Woody Allen might be a multi-millionaire thanks to his cerebral cortex alone.

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