Wear a condom – literally

Chinese nurses in Xiamen City have taken to the street in dresses made of condoms to promote safe sex.  (Do you think they got confused when they heard to wear a condom?)

The dresses, which took two weeks to make and consisted of 5000 condoms, looked stunning (and not necessarily in a good way). A hospital spokesman said, "They're a visual shock, and good to remind people of the importance of safe sex."

We think these gorgeous gowns are a fantastic idea and they’ll certainly keep you safe. They’re waterproof so you won’t catch a cold in the rain, they can be inflated if you ever need an emergency life jacket and – well, when you’re wearing one of these, no one is going to want to have sex with you. So no chance of catching any nasties on that front.  Whoever would’ve thought condoms could be so multipurpose!

(Image: from puroticorico's flickr stream)

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