The monogamy club

We don't know much about our ancestors, despite the fact that companies specialising in epilation products and hair removal would have had their ideal target consumer group in our ancient cousins. We do know that social graces weren't their strong point and that flirting usually meant dragging a woman around by her hair. Has much changed, we ask ourselves?

Well, for one thing, we celebrate monogamy and marriage in this day and age and many couples see this as the natural culmination of time spent together in an exclusive relationship. According to Jezebel, this wasn't always the case, and ancient man only learnt to settle down with a single woman exclusively with the arrival of sharpy pointy objects and large bits of wood or rock.

'As soon as all males were armed, the cost of monopolizing a large number of females became a lot higher. In the incipient hominid society, females became allocated to males more equally. General polygyny became the rule, then general monogamy. This trend led to the emergence of a critical change in sexual behavior: the replacement of the apes' orgiastic promiscuity with the pair bond between male and female. With only one mate, for the most part, a male had an incentive to guard her from other males to protect his paternity.'

With only one female to guard and protect, neaderthals also learnt about social ties and developed the taboo of incest after centuries of the development of the ability to recognise their own kin.

Nowadays, we get Facebook messages from distant cousins!

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