We won’t wed!

So the number of people getting married is falling – but the question is why? A survey by Nuts magazine reveals the top 10 reasons why men at least hold back from walking up the aisle. And it seems sheer embarrassment is stopping men tying the knot…

In fifth spot is being embarrassed by showing off your moves in the first dance. In fourth spot is being afraid of crying during the vows! Being a blubbing wreck in front of all your friends won’t go down well at the pub…

Coming in third is the hassle and expense. Throwing a party for all your nearest and dearest will cost a lot, and then there’s the cost of new outfits! (Oh yeah, and the dance lessons…)

The number two reason for not tying the knot is fearing what your best man might reveal in his speech – hmm…what have you got to hide?

Then in top spot is the typical fear of long-term commitment. Surely being with your girlfriend for a few years is long-term commitment? Does registering your marriage in the eyes of the law (and God?) really make it any more “committed” – especially today, when serial monogamy seems to be the norm?

But it’s not all bad news – 74% of married men say they have no regrets and that it was the best day of their lives. Perhaps this 74% should start talking about this to their friends – wait let’s face it, men don’t talk about that kind of thing! Ladies, you’re just gonna have to wait a while for him to pop the question.

Or with 29 Feb coming up - why don’t you do it?

(Image: from babasteve’s flickr stream)

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