We need sex!

Feeling frustrated? Are you of a generally irritable disposition? Well, it might not just be because you are a miserable so-and-so. It could be because you haven’t got any in a while. Yes, the myth that all those annoyingly downbeat people in the world just need to get laid may be true.

According to Rose Rivera, founder of SpeakSexy.org, sex is a need, not a want. Like the feeling of hunger and thirst, feeling horny is another survival essential. (We’ve been saying this for years!) Humans have survived not because we are physically very resilient, but because we work together.

Signs that you need some luvvin’ are unexplained stress, frustration and irritability, excessive lack of hunger and sleep, anger and/or other unexplainable negative emotions toward your partner and vivid sexual dreams that may lead to nocturnal orgasms for both men and women.

So if you have one or more of the above symptoms, you’d better get a move on and get IT on! It’s for the good of the human race!

(Image: from whatshername’s flickr stream)

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