'We donor want you to be our kids' dad'

It was gloves off for in London’s Appeals Court yesterday, as a gay sperm donor who had two children by a lesbian couple fought for access.

A ruling granting the dad ‘shared residency’ is being challenged by the lesbian pair.

The sperm-donating dad, a professional in his 50s, placed an advert in Gay Times in 1999 which the lesbian couple answered.

Entitled ‘Gay man wants to be a dad’, the advert said he was in a relationship that had ‘everything but kids.’

A court ruled that the kids, a boy aged 9 and a 7-year-old girl, should lived with their donor dad for 152 days of the year. But the couple are challenging the ruling, claiming that he is an ‘overpowering’ character that has marginalised the mum’s partner in rearing the kids.

The ruling was reserved but it must have been very a testing decision for the appeals judge.

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