Waxing - just for men

Waxing for women has been pretty much the norm for years, but now it appears men are turning over a smooth leaf – and we’re not just talking about on their chests. The back, sack and crack or ‘boyzilian’ is apparently becoming increasingly common for gay and straight men alike. But just how common? 

Well, no one can say for sure as the beauty therapy industry is self-regulated and no one keeps figures on treatment numbers. But, according to beauty therapist Kim Lawless, over the past year the number of treatments on men has gone from three a week to three a day. Things are definitely hotting up on the wax front…

Will we all be rushing off to get everything waxed? Well, probably not. Don’t know about you, but there’s something slightly odd about all-over baldness. And then there’s that whole pain thing. In fact, if we were offered a boyzilian, we’d say thanks, but we’re washing our hair…

(Image: from dram’s flickr stream)

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