Voyeuristic firemen get severe reprimand

Four firemen from Avon Fire and Rescue have been found guilty of bringing the service into disrepute and misuse of equipment (phnarr!) – for spying on lovers at a notorious lover’s beauty spot on the Bristol Downs.

The details of the crime? Shining torches on people at a beauty spot - whom they thought were enjoying a bit of al fresco hanky panky. Apparently, the spot is well-known as a favourite hang-out for lovers of outdoor sex.

The long and the short of it is they were reported, there was a three-month inquiry (they must have been speaking v…e…r…y s…l…o…w…l…y!) and they got their punishment. Seems a bit harsh to us.

Of course, Avon and Somerset police remind us that anyone engaging in sex outdoors is breaking the law. Doesn’t that just make the idea of it seem more appealing?

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